How many pieces of celery cancel out a girl scout cookie? If I cut the celery into smaller pieces, is it still considered one piece? What if it’s covered in peanut butter? Thats a protein, right? It adds nutritional value, not more sugar. Can the cookie-erasing properties exponentially grow the more celery you eat? …asking […]

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Tweendom du dum dum

It has hit. Tweedom. My kid is a tweenie. A tweenster. He is 11 and the emotions and sass and backtalk and under-the-breath muttering and door slamming and behind-closed-doors cursing (undoubtedly accompanied by flipping the bird) has begun. This week on Tweens of Our Lives the story line is sharing. Sharing and how it directly […]

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The Gun Thing

Freedom. I get it. Freedom is intoxicating. Freedom is invigorating and empowering. I was raised knowing guns. My dad took me shooting when I was a kid. I shot a 357, I shot 22 rifles, a shotgun, a 45. I am not a gun aficionado, I was a kid. I did not keep up with […]

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Today’s title is a twofer. I landed on that title because #1, I’m feeling a bit like a patient today. My kids have been doing their best work in attempting to have me commit myself soon which leads me to #2: patience. As in I have none. Oddly enough, kids don’t care how much you […]

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