Low Power Mode

August Mom here, I’m on low power mode.

It’s August 19th and there are 17 days left until school.

I’m conserving energy to operate my patience and sanity.

Systems that have shut down:
financial advisor
dog groomer
sexy girlfriend

Summer is winning. Because i’m in low battery mode, i’m okay with it. Not caring is a great energy-saver!

The theory is tested whenever someone walks into my house. I don’t apologize for the state of it, I simply say “Welcome to my summer.” or “Summer is winning. Leave kids at your own risk (of not being able to find them among the wreckage.”

Screen time is about the only thing i’m managing at this point.

Good luck to all the parents witnessing the joy of everyday summer life with their kids, close up and in stereo. To all the working parents, enjoy. Enjoy the hell out of that gig because at the very least, it’s probably air conditioned.

August mom signing off.

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