Goodbye Summer, Hello Sanity

Another summer has come to an end.

Can I get a Hallelu-yer?

It was touch and go a few times. I wasn’t convinced we’d make it to completion, but here we are. The night before school! And no one was put up for adoption- myself included.

I have never smiled so big setting my alarm for 5:30am. ..except for that one time I surprised my daughter with a Disney trip.

My son is understandably anxious. He starts middle school tomorrow. When we went to a pre-school function he kept asking about lockers. Once inside the buildings he was asking if the lockers were “people size”.

I think i’ve watched a few too many 80’s movies with him. He strongly identifies as a ‘Nerd’ and was convinced he’d be tossed into a locker.

School has changed so much since I was a kid. I could do an entire series on those changes, but instead i’ll just say when did 12 year olds start looking like 25 year old baristas?

There is always an internal struggle with my son. When to force him to be independent, and when to let him reach for those apron strings. I was quite proud tonight when we were able to just hang out and watch goofy bird vids on Instagram while he snapped out of his anxiety fit about school starting.

No pep talk. No lecture or life lesson. Just a “yup, I hear you. You hate it. Got it. Hey, look at these goofy ass birds!” and he was able to go to sleep with just one extra hug. …and I just ignored all the pleading as I slowly shut the door and sashayed down the stairs.

Level 1: Complete!

My daughter is trying to mimic her big negative brother and say she’s sad school is starting, but then she breaks character and starts listing all the things she’s excited about…which is basically just “school”. She loves it. She thrives in it.

Thank. God.

I am possibly going back myself, but to work. Who knows? I’ve applied, so we’ll see. It would be amazing to spy on my kids from time to time. Embarrass them, which is a definite parenting perk. Gotta make amends for all those horrifying toddler Target tantrums.

I am raising my metaphorical glass in a universal toast to all the shower-deprived, pained painted-on smiling, dishwater hands-having, over driving, laundry-hating, vacation surviving moms who can now wallow in the bipolar giddy/sad reality of another school year.

Cheers, mommas!

Next level: Dodging School Fundraisers, Halloween decorations, and the pre-madness of the holidays.

*chug chug chug*

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