Grown Up.

I officially have an office now. A home office. I guess I’m a grown up now…?

Really this is just going to become a sanctuary. A mommy den. A gal pit. A chick escape. A wife oasis. I’m gonna name it “Kid Toys Prohibited”.
This means it will be filled with my own!

Image result for maniacal laughter

I imagine most grown ups in charge of a family of four would probably get a file cabinet and perhaps a printer to go with the computer and desk. Not me. Nope. I hung a calendar white board, a Jack Skellington tapestry, and arranged all of MY toys on the shelves. Done.

I don’t want to be a grown up. I do the bare minimum to qualify as one: I pay bills and I vote. I recently gave my husband a list of things I’d like for my birthday. (Hint: if someone asks for a list of what you want, just do it. It leaves little room to complain when you get gifts from the auto parts store)

The Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Train was on that list, and because my husband loves me, that is what I received.
Because my kids are silly, they think they get to help me build it.

Image result for maniacal laughter

(i’m noticing a pattern here…)

Next addition for the Momma Haven: A bar and a door lock!

Cheers, mofos


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