I had both conferences this week for the kidlettes. Here’s a rough transcript (artistic license has been taken in respect to typing time and my level of tiredness) Kid 1 – Daughter: Teacher: She’s a delight! She is so energetic and happy and smart and engaging and a joy to have in my class. By […]

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Front Row

I have been sitting in the front row of the strangest, most frustrating, confusing and unjust scenario possible in a neighborhood. I have so many feelings about this that I can’t even process them all so naturally, I come here to open up my cranium and let my thoughts spill out willy nilly on the […]

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I Used To Be…

Patient. Kind-ish Reasonable Intelligent Logical Fun Calm Patient. Loving Calm None of these things are me by the end of the day anymore. I swear, in my head things go so differently. By the time the thought goes from my brain, across the kids’ laundry and toys, over their sassy heads and through their drama, […]

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