Dumb It Down

Cell phones. They are convenient destruction. We as adults completely abuse the phone. The convenience of it is totally ridiculous. Directions? Ha! I have lived in this house for a year and I am just now weaning myself off of maps every time I need to get outside the city lines. That was not how […]

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Communication Challenges

Communication is not a strong point for me. I’d much rather walk away than hash something out. (But truthfully I walk away and seethe about the conflict, so wouldn’t it be easier to just trudge through?) However ridiculous it makes me sound, I am getting a tattoo soon. I have it picked out, I have […]

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My son is most definitely in the throes of tweendom. It’s no surprise that this makes me exceedingly uncomfortable. The “still a boy” part i’m good with, but the “nearly a young man” part gives me anxiety and heebie jeebies. We have done all the conversations, my husband and I have answered all the questions […]

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Halloween Hangover

Happy sugar hangover day everyone! I don’t know if it’s the post Halloween letdown, or the dark stormy weather – which I love – but my ass is     d    r   a  g   g  I   n     g    today. It could also be the work/travel schedule my husband […]

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