My son is most definitely in the throes of tweendom. It’s no surprise that this makes me exceedingly uncomfortable. The “still a boy” part i’m good with, but the “nearly a young man” part gives me anxiety and heebie jeebies.

We have done all the conversations, my husband and I have answered all the questions (I think?!) and we have monitored all the websites. I was surprised at how well all of that went, meaning I seemed to be the only uncomfortable one in the room. .. but now it’s all starting to happen and it’s so many feelings for me.

He’s my oldest. My only boy. My buddy. We have gone through this parent/child thing side by side and we’ve both screwed up and both grown and learned and figured out really tough stuff. Now he gets to just start walking that life path a little ahead of me.

All of that, even, I can deal with! But the freaky alien boy puberty stuff I’d love to just tag someone in on and go drink in a corner and know it’s being handled….well, so to speak.

See? Blech.

I would trade two pubescent daughters for one puberty-stricken son. My daughter will likely be an emotional nightmare when it’s her turn, but that I understand. That I can handle. I will just throw a package of pads, and some chocolate at her and run the other direction.

I hope I’ve done something right with him because he still seems to be comfortable with being a kid. He still calls me from sleepovers, he still texts me ‘goodnight’ and this morning while watching him walk to the bus stop, he still blows me kisses. I know it’s not gonna last forever, but it makes the growing up a little easier to witness.

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