Reporting live from New Orleans! I am happy to report that I am able to report despite the angry aggressive taxi driver we won in the airport lottery’s fun new game, “You managed to survive the flight, now who will die in a cab?”

I understand the fine tuned cabbie art of crazy and reckless taxi driving, but the level of anger and aggression our guy had was mental. I’m fairly certain he was low-key voodoo cursing the civilian drivers who dared stop at red lights and carelessly drove in their own lanes.


Next up, we kissed the ground outside our hotel, checked in, thought about a nap but decided to grab some food.

Getting a close-by, simple food recommendation proved challenging. I am a food wuss, you see. My palette is limited. I eat like a toddler, essentially.

If you’ve ever been to NOLA you can imagine the lengths my eyes bug out when seeing some of these menu options!

As one would imagine, the main food group here is seafood. Guess who doesnt like seafood? This toddler right here. I am predicting a lot of burgers in my future.

Also challenging my fun with food is my seemingly infected, very swollen and angry gums which are not really trying to heal from my dental implant surgery nearly 3 weeks ago. I was checked out before coming here and despite feeling and seeing most things I was told meant a big problem, the dentist assured me that everything was fine.

Today is our first day here and im looking forward to walking around and seeing all the daylight debauchery, tourist traps and local “flavor”. (which I think we all know means ‘scary human interactions from a distance)

I am off now to hunt the safest meal of the day for a grown ass woman who eats toddler food- Breakfast!

2 thoughts on “Explorers

  1. I’ve been to New Orleans, but I enjoy seafood, so it wasn’t a traumatic experience, lol. However, it was very sobering to see kids being a part of the Bourbon Street scene and the extreme poverty outside the tourist areas.


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