Eternal Mom Brain

It starts during pregnancy, then extends to the zombie newborn phase of moms. “Mom Brain”. It’s the explanation for many a thing. Clothes inside out unwashed hair, body, clothes forgetting others exist around you inability to ______ (fill it in) lost keys/phone/3rd child unfamiliar face in the mirror The thing with those scenarios is that […]

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Reluctant Human

This should be on my reluctant walker blogspot page, but they aren’t cool enough to have an app and i’m too damn tired to sit at my desk. Today reluctant won. That’s right. I didn’t walk today. Its sad because I just wrote about finally feeling some ambition. Finally wanting to make that leap to […]

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Maturity and wisdom come with age, right? Well currently my wisdom is teaching me rum makes me snappy and grumpy. In particular Malibu Rum. It’s that or the children I seem to be constantly left alone with. The rum and the children coincidentally have been going together this weekend. Maturity and wisdom are telling me […]

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The Finale

…and then there is this one. My second, my grand finale. My girl. Lordy, where do I begin with this girl? She started out so easy. She was the opposite of her brother. For a minute we thought it would be another tricky pregnancy, but by some happenstance, it righted itself. Delivery was fairly simple […]

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The First One

I often write about the exasperation of parenthood. The frustrations of being a stay at home mom. The challenges I’ve had with raising a not-so-average learner kid. This time I’m writing the mushy stuff. I looked at this photograph I took as a test on a device. Nothing posed or purpose filled. Just a snapshot. […]

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It’s amazing how long a person can live in denial. Weight denial. Wait, denial? Yes. De Nile of the wait. I have managed to avoid getting on our scale here at home. … until this weekend. My daughter has been saying she weights 100lbs and I realized I had no idea if that was true […]

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