Reluctant Human

This should be on my reluctant walker blogspot page, but they aren’t cool enough to have an app and i’m too damn tired to sit at my desk.

Today reluctant won. That’s right. I didn’t walk today. Its sad because I just wrote about finally feeling some ambition. Finally wanting to make that leap to my next goal of walking 2 miles.

Not today. Today the lack of sleep, lack of a partner, (at the moment) lack of a cure for my kid’s aggressive croupy cough, lack of tutor to keep on top of my middle schooler’s assignments all won.

I didnt walk.

It happens. I could have pushed, I should have pushed, but my tired brain took over. After 3 hours of homework with the tween, med monitoring for the 8 year old, I stopped caring.

I ordered pizza. I made a crockpot dump cake. I ate chocolate. I took headache medicine and drank (diet) soda. It was disappointing, but you know what? We got through the day. Homework got done. Im hoping my son is about to learn a magic trick of how you turn a D into a C. My head is still attached and the house is standing.

Some days you gotta take the small group victory over the bigger personal gain.

Im exhausted and tomorrow will likely be a cozy day at home with my barking seal because, as expected, the first round of steroid meds didn’t work on the croup. Luckily the urgent care doc took my advice and handed me a script for a second dose.

I just want to sleep….on a warm beach, with an umbrella drink and a cabana boy. My husband will be home with the children doing dishes, cooking, and nurturing the hell out of our family.

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