Zombie Virus

I have it. It’s been a while since a cold has knocked me on my ass, but this bug is not a mere cold. This is an abomination. It doesn’t help that for the past three months I’ve had parallel induced painful events. It started with my tattoo, this coincided with my dental procedures for […]

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Growing Up

I am so proud of my son. He has been the reason for many an exasperated post, a confused perplexed dilemma, a tired and rambling blog topic. Here’s the thing, though; all those posts were me working out the inner thoughts I had in my exhausted, untrained mind. Tonight I was going through some old […]

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Every Mile A Memory

My kid went to her first concert! She loves country like her momma and when I saw Jon Pardi/Dierks Bentley tickets a few months ago I decided this was it. I ordered a “This Is My First Concert” T-shirt for her and I am not ashamed to admit that I fully expected and hoped this […]

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