Give Me Back

I am not asking for you to stop voting to take away my rights. I’m telling you. I never gave you permission over my body to decide what I can and cannot do with it, therefore the right was never yours to take.

I never gave permission to any politician to make a decision for me about what is safe, healthy, or allowed by my own self to decide about my own body.

If there is a life inside of me that is the end of the story. It is part of myself and I may choose what to do about it at any point. It is between me, myself and I. There is no legislature or senate hearings in this body. I do not house your interests. This is me and what is me is mine.

My daughter will have the same permission over her body. She will grow to learn and appreciate herself and know that she is the ruler of her own skin. No one will have rights over her mind or her body but her.

No one asked if you are in favor of abortion. I promise you that the business of aborting a baby is not something anyone is ever in favor of. Those that walk that path bear their own burden or sacrifice or release or salvation. It is their story and their choice.

Your feelings do not determine my laws.

Your feelings and opinions do not get to make life decisions for half of the country’s population. Resolve your own issues outside of the court.

I don’t know when we collectively decided to hand over our medical guidance to strangers in a court room who do not care about the body that is housing the womb, but if women came busting down the doors of manhood, I am quite certain there would be anger, indignation and rage.

Do those lawmakers believe that women cannot fathom the nature of abortion? Do those lawmakers think women do not know their own minds and hearts and do not have the intelligence or common sense or humanity to realize what a life inside her means?

I would love to know why “Eric Johnston, the president of the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition, one of the architects of a measure that would outlaw most abortions in the state. Credit Bob Miller for The New York Times ” cares about my choice to maintain or abort a pregnancy. Is he responsible for the pregnancy? No? Then this is none of his business. I do not go to Eric Johnston’s home and dictate how his children are raised, what religion they practice, what God they pray to, what holidays they celebrate, what toys they play with, what diapers they wear, what schools they go to.

It. Is. Not. My. Business.

Is Eric Johnston going to plan the funerals for the mothers who die from complications of pregnancy?

Is Alabama going to plan the funerals of the postpartum suicides?

Is Alabama going to raise these fetuses that become newborns that become children that become students? If you are claiming responsibility for their lives, then pony up, boys. Build an addition to your mansion. Add a pool house to your pool house because you are about to inherit some serious decision making!

If you are against abortion, I understand. Be against it. Picket. Walk. March. Raise all the awareness for abortion deterrence as you like. But you may not take away a right of an entire half of the population because you personally are against it. You are not in charge of my morals, therefor you are not in charge of my moral obligations to my own body.

This subject is a slippery slope, people. You can coat it in all the layers you want to. Religion, Morality, Responsibility, Obligation. At the base of this is a human being’s right to their own body. THEIR OWN BODY. That fetus/zygote/embryo is connected to that woman’s body, so it is a part of HER. Not YOU. It is not an independent being. It is not a solo entity. It is not a stand-alone voting member of society. It is a part of someone’s body. You do NOT have any rights to any part of my body.

I am not dictating the route of your sperm, Bob, so stop dictating the path in or out of my uterus.

This is not a solo fact. This is a group reality. I am not fighting for “My” rights, I’m speaking out for the rights of all women. This does not only alter the reality of one person, it is an open door of permission for ruling men to decide what all women can and cannot do to/for/with their own bodies. For those of you turning away because you would never have an abortion, or never have had or feel it is not your fight, if you ever had a uterus or a heartbeat or a vagina, it is your fight. It is your fight for all women who will later bear the weight of the next wave of laws that take away the right of a woman to be a woman.

This must stop and it must stop now.



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