Workin’ Probs

I’ve been back to work now for two months – or in public school lingo, 1 paycheck.

This morning I woke up with a sinus headache that radiated across my entire head and caused me to eventually ralph.

That hasn’t happened in a long time, and the most frequent occurred when I lived in Austin, TX.

In pre work times this would give me permission to throw away the entire day in the hopes I was recharged by the time the kids got home from school.

Let me just say, my marriage has reached a milestone after 13 years I am very proud of. My husband, upon hearing my am symphony of misery, just rallied after working all night and got the kids off to their busses. I did not have to ask, there was no conversation, i just buried my showered head under my pillow and he got up.

I love him very much.

I couldnt stay buried, though, because I had a dentist appointment an hour with traffic I HAD to get to. Today is the day I get measured and molded for my implant “caps” aka TEEF! I finally get my teef, y’all! After four LOOOONG years, I am set to get my implants in and done in 3 weeks.

If you aren’t caught up on all the dental drama, good for you. It’s a long, eventfully boring saga of retired orthodontists, braces, failed bone-anchored unnecessary screws and infections to metals I didn’t know I had.

So. Much. Fun.

So after feeling dizzy and nauseous in traffic, i sat and had my gums lasered “a tiny bit”, tried not to upchuck on my dentist after smelling my burned gums and praying to all of the patron dental saints I wouldn’t taste anything equally nasty.

Yada yada yada, I am now slurping soup before heading off to interpret in a petrie dish of cute tiny humans for 3 hours.

This is now my life and I’m very thankful and appreciative. Next school year I will have to find new ways to fit in my chaos and drama around a full time schedule. I am sure I will have lots to write about!

Now I need to eat my Panera orange scone in celebration of my personal shortest sworn diet ever being sabotaged. (I woke up swearing to eat better/smarter/healthier and by 10:30 that was scrapped for a bowl of soup, iced tea & a scone)

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