I’m Going To College!

… but just for 3 days. I am going with another interpreter to work at a football camp. After committing, I found out I’ll be staying in a dorm room in a sleeping bag. Tricky bastards.

This will be physically interesting. Thankfully they will house any female staff away from the males. Not sure how this works with a male student I’m there to interpret for, but hey… it’s an adventure. A paid adventure!

I’m going to certainly be crippled by the end of it between sleeping on a random dorm room bed, in a sleeping bag, in a room with someone I barely know. (Do I tell her before hand that I snore and make very unusual noises quite often in my sleep? And apparently when i’m really exhausted, the sounds get more and more frightening/interesting)

I’m either going to drug myself nightly with pain meds so I a. actually sleep and b. am not woken up by old fat lady hip pain or I will simply not sleep at all and be a migraine zombie by day 3.

Is it too late to start eating healthy and regularly exercising? … methinks yes.

I also get to have all of my meals in the cafeteria with the hundreds of likely starving teenage male football players. I can only imagine the sights and smells of the dining hall.

This whole, “Say yes!” philosophy has some holes in it. … maybe say yes AFTER you learn about your sleeping arrangements

I printed out the schedule and almost cried a little. I can’t pack my keurig. I wouldn’t be able to anyway because coffee makes you pee, and that does not coincide with interpreting on a football field for hours on end…… do I dare hope for an actual bathroom? What is the shower situation? I am imagining “Pitch Perfect” where I flip flop down to a general shower space with mildewy stinky shower curtains and a bucket of my own supplies. I also saw that the sunny forecast did not hold out. There is rain scheduled for 2 of the 3 days.

When I started considering camp for my kids over the summer, I did not even fathom that I would myself be going to Interpreter camp in the way of High School Football camp.

Pray for me. Pray for my hip, and pray for the poor soul that has to share sleep space with this decidedly NOT morning person.

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