Going Back To Work: Early Observations

I’m on day 2 of working full time after more than a decade. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. Mornings are even more hectic when you yourself have to leave prepared for work.

I actually forgot to have coffee and my morning medicine just because I didn’t have enough time on day 1. Day 2 was almost a repeat, but at the last minute-because i forgot a clock was set ahead- I grabbed coffee, but still forgot the meds 🤦🏻‍♀️

2. I do not like wearing grown up Adulting shoes all day.

2. a. “Work clothes” have taken on a whole new meaning at schools. Jeans/sneakers/Tshirts seem to be acceptable attire these days.

3. Lunches are now supposed to be salad. Busting out a homemade sub sandwich and cherry coke zero is frowned upon.

4. The most painful part of my day is socializing with people in the lunch room. …as they judge me about the contents of my lunch, apparently.

5. People still have comments about how to be a Mom. When I was a stay at home mom, there was always an undercurrent of “when i go back to work” or “how to go back” “what to do if i go back”. Respect was not easily won at social events. This morning a neighbor in my stay-at-home Mom- filled neighborhood commented on my new car. She had asked about my summer and I told her it was good, but short because I worked here and there during the break. (hence the new car) Her conversation closer was, “Wow, you’ve been working a lot. You missed a lot at home then.”


I wish we could just support what people choose to do. I have always acknowledged moms who stay home because it is a whole world of difference to working paycheck earners. Its fighting for respect for yourself. Respect from your spouse, children, family. It’s a grind of keeping households and families running. That shit does not take care of itself.

Working parents deserve no less respect. Its a different fight and one I’m starting to understand more. I have always respected working moms for what they deal with same as the stay at homes for how they choose to live.

Dads dont have to deal with any of this, in my experience, and the small group of stay at home dads seem to just get praise and appreciation for breathing near a child. Showing up is the bar somehow, so forgive me for the non-inclusivity.

While this all adjusts, my house is being overtaken by mounds of laundry- clean AND dirty, and dirty dishes thanks to our broken dishwasher. My pets are wondering WTF happened to their lives and my floors are starting to accumulate all manner of gross.

Its an adjustment. And i’m giving myself permission for that. Am i missing out on things? Yes. I hated that i didnt get to see my daughter’s not-so-little face when she got off the bus the first day of school. You know what? I saw it when i got home from work. And that’s ok too.

Now excuse me, I have a student who needs some language facilitated.

What’s your superpower?

One thought on “Going Back To Work: Early Observations

  1. There’s no winning that battle. I grew up with parents who both worked full-time (and then some). They did what they had to do. I was able to stay home while our kids were young, something I truly appreciate. I’ve worked mostly full-time for about 4 years now, and I enjoy that, too. You do you.

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