First Week

I am in the middle of the morning on the last day of the first full week of school. If you think i’m excited, you are greatly mistaken.

I will be excited when I’m in my safe place after the bell rings today. I will be elated then.

This week has had some ups and downs. It’s overall been good, i’m just tired. Here are the highlights of the week:

1. Lots of language development and exposure for my student- yay!

2. 1 potty accident (student, not myself…..yet)

3. 2 falls, the second resulting in massive vomiting in the cafeteria near a table of unfortunate kids who were eating lunch….until they saw the puke fountain.

4. Boogers and spit

5. Watching the amazing team of women I work with manage, love, care for, teach very challenging kids who cannot or will not return the same respect and compassion. These women are the hardest working women I have ever known.

6. I have come to understand a deep and abiding passion for my own bed. Like i’m back to when I had a newborn kind of love.

7. Some angel from heaven placed a box of doughnuts in the lunch room and I dont know who you are, doughnut fairy, but you have saved my soul today. And that doughnut never even saw what happened. *gulp*

And now, back to the amazing rewarding challenging painful inspiring job that is mine.

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