Alone Time

Today is January 2, 2020. For the first time this whole break, my husband took our kids out to run errands and I was able to de-Christmas most of our house in that time. I had a magical few hours of alone time.

Here’s what I learned being alone in the house:

1. I prepared shit food with minimal nutrition that tasted delicious and had to share with zero people.
2. I had whatever music I wanted as loud as I wanted.
3. Any work done in the house while alone is considered “free time”, and not actually “work” …. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but it is certainly the perception
4. There is a constant impending pressure to utilize the incredible infrequency of this situation and not to waste it
5. Eventually you give into the pressure and watch whatever Netflix shows you want without anyone around to judge your choice, question the language coming out of the television, or complain about the length of time required to enjoy it
6. Your mood range when the inevitable end to your solo time happens directly correlates to the amount of time given to be alone.

Family time over break has been good…. “relaxing” is not the right word, but it has been low key, low expectations, late mornings and lots and lots and lots of dishes. I seem to have taken a personal challenge to see how many days I can wear pajamas – clean or dirty. I have also made resolutions …. resolutions to clean out the crap food in our house… and by “clean out” I mean dispose of all the junk directly into my face. The air fryer has been an excellent vehicle to aid in this journey of de-cluttering.

I seem to also be preparing my body for an intense hibernation by the way I am devouring everything that crosses my path. From the looks of my spare monster truck tire around my gut, this will be a long and intense hibernation …. like traveling through hyperspace type sleep.

Monday is a mixed bag of emotion. Back to school is VERY exciting for me, but back to work and my 5:20am alarm is not at all enticing. I’m ready for my kids to go back to school and my husband to go back to work, and I’d love an extra day or two at home to reset before going back to real life.

Also, in taking down all of my Christmas decorations our house is an echoey chamber of bland disappointment devoid of cheer. Never underestimate the mood enhancing power of twinkle lights, folks.

Until the next decoration-worthy holiday, there is Vodka … Cheers, folks!

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