I just read a post trying to encourage families to come together in a positive way right now by keeping a Family Journal. BAAAAHAHAHAHA This would be ours: Day 3: Mom: School from home? HA!! Suck an egg, it ain’t happenin’. I’m keeping my babies close and happy and well adjusted, tyvm. Dad: People are […]

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New Normal…?

This is beginning to feel bottomless. Endless. Hard not to panic with how much more time we’ll be home …. with our families. I love my family. Promise. I do. I even like some of them. But this is pushing my limits as an independent, happy-to-fly-solo for things kinda gal. I go to movies alone. […]

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Selfish and Losing It

I’ve been accused many times of being selfish. To an extent it’s true. Lately I have been feeling torn between overwhelming stress and anxiety and wanting to “self care” and instantly feeling like doing so means i’m being selfish. The management/mismanagement of my kids’ distance learning is really high on my To Stress List. I […]

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The Bird Is The Word

Not sure how birds became a big part of my life, but here we are. I have two of my own after spending nearly 3 years volunteering at a giant Parrot Sanctuary. I never brought home one of the big guys, but I did end up rescuing two cockatiels. As all of our lives have […]

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Covid Blues

As of my last post I started keeping track of the weeks of this pandemic lock down quarantine social distancing “Norm” we have now. Spoiler: I’ve lost track where we’re at. Day Twelveteen or week thirty fifteen, I have no effing clue. We’re still home. That’s all I’ve got. It’s Spring, does that help? There […]

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Welcome to The Change

As in the World Change, not the menopausal change. I keep hearing how keeping a diary or journal of this snippet of time is a big deal. Lots of people are either doing it, or forcing, requiring, bribing, convincing their kids to do it … so now I’m going to do it, but mine will […]

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