Covid Blues

As of my last post I started keeping track of the weeks of this pandemic lock down quarantine social distancing “Norm” we have now.

Spoiler: I’ve lost track where we’re at. Day Twelveteen or week thirty fifteen, I have no effing clue.

We’re still home. That’s all I’ve got. It’s Spring, does that help? There is a sun in the sky and I see a moon every night. Beyond that, if it weren’t for my phone I would have no clue when the milk expires.

By the way, check your milk. Who knows which jug the kids brought in from the garage fridge? Mine don’t get the whole “use the one that expires first” strategy. Their strategy is “use whichever one is easier for me to grab so I can get back to my video game and not have my mom interrupt me to help her withe something for at least ten minutes”.

Our menu options have changed a bit. My husband smoked some burgers and chicken breasts this week so we’d have something to eat other than “beige”. After today, I suspect that food will be gone and we will be back to our regularly scheduled preservative coated diet.

This week we have “Spring Break”…. this just means our normal timeless, dayless measurement of life without the guilt of, “Damn, I should have had them do something related to what a teacher would expect”. We are all in our own corners of the house occupying our brains with whatever keeps us from breaking out into the street and running for McDonalds…. hell, i’d even consider Burger King at this point.

We have ordered out less than a handful of times and let me just tell you … it was the best that food has ever tasted. We got Mexican food one night in remote celebration of my mom’s birthday. I savored every scoop of that salsa on those triangle shaped pieces of heaven. I didn’t even mind the esophageal burning of my indigestion!

Another milestone in this insanity is my husband and I have started watching Tiger King. Yes, we finally caved to the pressure and like everyone says… as of episode 2, at least, it is a train wreck you cannot look away from.

I should preface this by saying before starting the Netflix show, we caught the end of a newscast where they were talking about how divorce rates in China have escalated. They had lots of tips about how to essentially not end up divorced.

We laughed and laughed and it was the first conversation we’ve had all week.



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