I just read a post trying to encourage families to come together in a positive way right now by keeping a Family Journal.


This would be ours:

Day 3:
Mom: School from home? HA!! Suck an egg, it ain’t happenin’. I’m keeping my babies close and happy and well adjusted, tyvm.
Dad: People are losing their jobs, I need to double down!
Teenager: Shit is bananas. Mom is losing it, Dad has vanished ….. coincidence?
9 y.o.: I miss my friends… and what is this 1 ply toilet paper shit mom has given me?

Day 10:
Mom: Summer break! Thank you, Jesus… literally!
Dad: People are losing jobs and the market is unstable?! I gotta double down!
Teenager: All Games All Day!!
9 y.o. : I miss my friends… and this toilet paper is still shit.

Day 30:
Mom: If I see one more link/username/password I am going to slowly murder someone. I AM NOT A TEACHER, TEACHERS ARE NOT IT PROFESSIONALS. Why is there no clean laundry?!
Dad: ……  (working)
Teenager: Mandatory school work, shmandatory work. Also, Mom may have lost her mind.
9 y.o.: I miss my friends. I hate online school, it makes me realize how much my life sucks right now. Also … Mom is losing it.

Day 3,798:
Mom: My husband is pissing me off!!!!
Dad: My wife is insane and she is pissing me off!
Teenager: I hate covid-19
9 y.o.: I miss my friends.  … but the T.P. has improved.

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