The War On Girls

This country, boy I tell ya… we make it hard on our girls. I can’t speak to other countries’ culture surrounding beauty and acceptance because I’ve only lived here. I’ve only been a girl and a woman here, and I’ve only ever been Plus Size. My daughter has always been tall. Always. She was tall […]

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Life Fatigue

I wonder if adulting has always been this hard. I dont consider my own Adulting began until I was about 23/24. Totally typical 20’s stuff, then met The Guy, had dating drama, broke up twice and then lived together and got married. We have lived in 4 states, and those state-to-state moves with kids and […]

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The chaos of our culture at the moment is making me ill. I am constantly distracted by ignorance, and then when I do manage to focus on a task, I’m pulled away yet again trying to put words to my frustration … so here we are. For White People: Please read this. First take a […]

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