Life Fatigue

I wonder if adulting has always been this hard.

I dont consider my own Adulting began until I was about 23/24. Totally typical 20’s stuff, then met The Guy, had dating drama, broke up twice and then lived together and got married.

We have lived in 4 states, and those state-to-state moves with kids and pets in tow was CAKE compared to the last 3 years, y’all. CAKE!! It all began with Trump. Never can I remember a Presidential (cough spit choke) candidate divide families and friends like the ol’ Cheetoh Bag himself. Literally changed how we Holiday.

Next up you got your Trump era drama. That was all a bit monotonous after a bit, if im being honest. How many times can we be teased with the hope of an impeachment? And it was not even a great solution because we’d just be trading a bag of Cheetos for a bag of Dicks with Pence. No one really actually wants the consolation Prez. Kinda like how we don’t necessarily want Biden, we just don’t want Trump. A rabid guinea pig would do a better job.

Next up is some kind of threat of war followed quickly by Covid-19. This shit is bananas. In my experience, parents have always been a little fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants with life in general. Throw a pandemic at us and we dont know which way is up! Are we stockpiling in the event of grocery closures? No. No, dont stockpile. Wear a mask, but dont. Wait… now we must, but only if you want to, and now theres a law, so wear one. But dont touch it. And just throw your glasses away because they are now useless.

So are we rationing our not-a-stockpile groceries? How much hand sanitizer can a child manage in a day? Do we shower them in it? No… just hand soap, and don’t let them touch their faces. Their nostrils are literally designed to hold their fingers in place, but somehow we have to force a detour into pockets that likely have germs stored from 3 months ago.

Now throw online learning at us. Hopefully we have enough devices to cover each kid, throw a spreadsheet together so you can keep track of everyone’s geographical digital location between 9 am and 2pm. Dont forget to fend off the Covid naysayers whose children are inviting yours to sleepovers and picnics, then managing the overwhelming sadness that this is your children’s lives now, and you are now Head Manager and CEO of the Loony Bin that is now your home. We now must manage and monitor the mental well-being of our families and hope to douse our own in liquor long enough to get through our own work day and celebrate getting through the entire day with your family all together by making dinner for everyone for the 8,437th night in a row.

Im pretty tired of life right now. But i cant be, because Black Lives Matter is important. This movement has momentum and that cant just be reignited at a more convenient time down the road. Its now. And you have idiots running around purposefully not getting the message. People actively trying to squash it. This leads us back to family tensions once again and family is all we have to socialize with right now because… Covid.

On the upside folks, think of how much we’re saving on gas, fast food, and lipstick right now! No one will be in a hurry to go back to slacks or jeans on a daily basis… but thats mostly because we wont fit into our “Other” clothes anymore.

I have joined TikTok in the hopes of regaining some humor and lightness in this mentally exhausting marathon of adulting. I am so tired of making giant decisions and keeping track of all the grown up shit that Im being expected to keep up with.

I know in past generations adults have had to deal with things like The Great Depression, the World Wars, Vietnam, threat of Russian bombings, and general Fuckery. … but this nonstop deluge of Biblical Plagues has finally worn me down to my last aching and twitching nerve.

Plan your partners wisely, Twenties. This is not for the faint of relationships.

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