Older and Fatter

Today is my birthday. I am fatter, wiser and more gray. More gray than ever, actually. This has been a year of uncomfortable growth, personally and mentally! This year has kicked us all in the nards. I think there is a common experience here and it begins with about 15lbs. We have all had more […]

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Help Me, O Lord

My daughter is testing me. I am not going to pass this trial, baby Jesus. After the ear piercing fiasco, next up to shred my nerves is this hair. I do not understand the logic, Gods and Goddesses. I do not. Hair on your head, when not brushed, will knot. If Girl A does not […]

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Piercing Cries

My daughter has never been a fan of blood. It’s been a harrowing experience to loose teeth, fall down, get shots, not unlike a lot of kids I imagine. We have had all the talks about blood being important and not a scary thing. Nothing has ever worked. She turned 10 this week and had […]

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