Thanks, Covid

I feel like I need to do a Covid positive post. Not Covid+, but a list of things to be thankful for and never would be unless ….. Covid.

Every day I wake up and go to work .. in my house. I wear sweatpants below the desk almost daily. (this has, of course, resulted in my body swelling to meet the expanse of my new unrestrictive waist bands, but eh … whatevs)

My son started high school this year and gets to do PE from home. REMOTE PE. He does not know how frigging lucky he is not to have to change and dress for PE DAILY. Like seriously, what kind of luck is that?!

I have gained weight, but who cares? No one sees me. There are filters for times I have to video chat with people, and honestly who doesn’t love a Chonk Cat or a Fat Skeleton?

Netflix Binge. Thank you, Covid, for giving my kids and I the time to watch The Office and The Good Place. We forever have inside jokes and a forking appreciation for all things Dwight and Beets.

Natural Highlights. Unbeknownst to me, my hair has been trying to create it’s own natural highlights. I never would have known this had I not been forced into growing out my very dyed hair. Gray is a highlight color, afterall.

Grocery Delivery. Like honestly, the best part of Covid. … except when you order from your local grocery store and they choose not to fill your entire order and you just know that bag boy didn’t know the difference between Always and Depends. ….. for my friend.

TikTok. Just thank you. TikTok can bring you out of the deep depression Facebook and Instagram are happy to bestow upon you.

Holiday Decorations. Last year I was working so much, I barely had any time to toss a pumpkin on my porch for Halloween- and it is my most loved of all holidays. This year I Halloweened OUT! Christmas is going to be bananas.

And that’s all because i’m exhausted. All this positivity is positively draining! (nyuck nyuck nyuck)

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