Just GO Already!

Vacations, amiright?! We have a little tiny getaway spot near the ocean in the Pacific Northwest. I say this to paint a picture not of soft, warm, sunny sandy beaches but of overcast, cold, small town coast line with alternating cold sand, pebbles, and driftwood.

We love it. It is, in fact, a getaway. It might feel more like an actual escape if we didnt feel obliged to bring our children with us when we go, however.

With the end of last years craptastic school year and now the ever looming reality of Covid 2.0 beginning next week, we are all a bundle of cranky nerves. I have a 5th grader and a sophomore. They used to get along pretty well on trips but lately. Ooooooh little baby Jesus give me strength not to test the age limits of the firestation dropoff.

Its not really that bad… only when they are in close proximity of each other, or me or when they can sense the other is breathing, blinking or having the audacity to have a pulse.

The same activities dont interest the high school kid anymore. The most enjoyable game we have is “give me your phone” second only to “im not on my phone”.

Its exhausting.

Im exhausted. I just want to sleep during this whole trip, but I have to share a bed with my husband who likes to snore with his whole mouth open and directly into my face.

In his defense, it seems I have started snoring more often as well. I think its my body trying to do me a favor in developing sleep apnea. Feeling your throat literally close when you are horizontal I feel may be a clear indication. I’d get it looked at, but im still debating my options….im one more sibling bickering session from an eternal nap at this point.

I think subconsciously I must be trying to ease my earthly exit on my family because I feel like all I do is scowl and manage people…when im not doing dishes or cleaning up after them all, of course.

It’ll get better, im sure, when we go back home and begin the terrifying journey into covid school. How bad could it be, right? Afterall, regular pandemic covid had everyone apart in small classrooms only part of the week. Now that ‘everyone’ is vaccinated and we have an even more contagious pandemic virus, we’re gonna just go ahead and sardine everyone nice and tight five days a week. It seems the Thanos Method has really inspired some decision-makers.

May the odds and masks be ever in your favor.

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