Zen or Ostrich

I am a grateful woman. I will not say “lucky” because nothing was handed to me. I have fought for my husband, for my kids, and now for myself. I am appreciative of the things I have because I know what my life was before all of the “things”. I do not dwell in struggle. […]

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Accidentally Boujie

I heard a joke a while back from a comedian that when they were little, the family couldn’t afford for them to be asthmatic or lactose intolerant. I cannot pretend this isn’t true for me. I recently had my food allergies tested and found that I am ✨sensitive✨ to most of the foods I ate. […]

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Geriatric School

I had the bright idea 2 months ago to go back to school and get my AA and then a teaching degree. Have I had a stroke? No. Not that I know of. I’m just a glutton for doing things the hard way. 45 and paying someone to teach me math. Math that I failed […]

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