Just Another Positive

Tested positive for Covid today.

*horror music plays*

I document most other events, why not this too? So I started feeling crummy Monday morning. I tested negative but stayed home for 3 days because I was achy and dizzy and had a horrible sore throat. Breathing through my nose just fine, but congestion was way down deep. Blowing my nose did nothing.

“Tired” is an ever-present state these days. I’m 45, have a teen and a tween, a full time job, husband, and I’m doing online college.

But I tested negative.

Today was my first day back to feeling decent so I went to work. (at a local school) The school nurse and I decided I should test, just to be on the safe side because my son had a band trip scheduled this weekend.

While we wait for the magic potion to toil and bubble we shoot the shit and catch up on some campus info.

Mid-sentence she looks at my results and it’s positive.

Huh?! But i’m feeling better. Really?!

Its also my first time testing positive. It was a little strange, I’m not gonna lie.

So I pack up and vacate the premises like the leper I felt like. I call the kids’ schools to notify and big kid tests positive.

Damnit! No band trip.

Kid two and husband are negative, thankfully.

Today, day 4, I have started getting a lot more runny-snotty and sneezing big damn gusts.

Its surreal and hard not to panic at the thought of all the scary news stories. Technically I’m more risky since I am overweight, borderline diabetic, high BP. I’m home with my covid kid, is he going to find me one morning taken out by a blood clot?!

Worst case scenario thinking at 1am while coughing and sputtering trying to sleep.

Currently on day 5. Feeling like ass. Hopefully this passes soon and we can all go back to our regular stressful complicated lives.

Woke up today- Friday- feeling like i’ve entered Chapter II in the covid saga. These little asshole covid germs are trying to eject themselves from my body via my nose- sneezing- eyeballs- watery- and mouth- coughing- to infect all the humanoids around me, but they are just spraying the dogs.

It was definitely a sleeper situation. I was lulled in the beginning to feel like it would pass relatively easily. Today im much more affected. Afflicted. All of the above.

And im so tired.

Too tired to make all of the delicious food i’m craving- but that might be because the moon aligned with hades and i’m gonna start my period soon.

The gifts just keep coming!

Heres what i’m thankful for:

Vaccinations. I am so glad I am not going through this in a hospital where I would be all alone

Delivery groceries. Mama needs her snacks

Internet shopping. Sorry babe, but it’s a welcome distraction from the misery. Plus side, i’m too tired to make it to the cart to actually check out

Cross stitch. Also keeping my numb brain active.

Stupid movies. My son and I were howling over the stupidest, best movie last night on Amazon Prime: Knights Of Badassdom (the ending is epic)

And lastly for now- meal delivery. I am already planning the delivery of our favorite spicy AF chinese food dishes being delivered semi-warm to my front door to temporarily allow my stomach to sing its praises and my sinuses to have 5 minutes of oxygen access.

And now, I nap.

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