Ok. Feeling helpless, and I detest feeling helpless. While the genius women of color, lawyers, congresswomen, indigenous women and boomers who have all had to fight for equality before now take the lead and march us into a current decade, I have to do something. Here are some ideas… some might be terrible, but hey, at least i’m trying

1. What if Planned Parenthood bought an NFL team:

Name the home field The Uterus. Every Sunday, The Uterus would be full, and the concessions would be tacos, clams, anything metaphorical to a vagina.

Team mascot would obviously be a beaver with an IUD.

Blush & Bashful jerseys

marketing options for all sorts of women-owned businesses

only female CEO and staff

after breast cancer awareness month, they could do women’s health month where every week a woman’s story is highlighted about how abortion saved her life

2. ACLU Starts buying ad time/billboards/Fox News ad space

Run ads showing stay at home dads, single dads, and dads of multiples in spaces where they always show a mom.

Run ads for mortuaries and cemeteries selling pink headstones with a discount code of “ifonlyshecouldhaveabortedsafely”

3. Donate enough money for adoption organizations to run ads during the Republican National Convention

Have Sarah McLachlan write a sad theme song and run pictures of children needing families

4. (probably the most unrealistic & controversial) Buy out a gun company like Smith & Wesson

Rename all the guns: Ectopic Pregnancy Obliterator, Incest Consequence, Miscarriage Manager, Medical Necessity Nora

Men and women comparing hunting stories would become accessories to abortion cases

they would all be variations of pink

This is all i’ve got, so I hope something happens soon to turn this insane assylum around. Time to wake up, folks because if you aren’t a rich, old, white penis owner, you will be next to lose freedoms and rights.

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