Sinking Ship

This is your middle school spy reporting live from a harrowing location: Math Class. It isn’t going well, the natives are regressing before my eyes. In September they all resembled terrified hamsters ready to jump at the first sign of the lunch bell. Here we are in March and they resemble Ridlin-deprived first graders. The […]

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Last Lap

This parenting gig is a challenge. Anyone who says otherwise is sus. I had to take a minute/post to brag on my kid, my oldest. So many of my posts were about the challenges of parenting my son, and they all still stand. That is just our experience. His and mine. Our family’s. It isn’t […]

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Frustration Book

Over the weekend I did a FB post about a bill in South Carolina that is trying to get passed that would enact the death penalty in the event of an abortion. The last line of the post, I declared I am not proud to be a citizen of this country because in 2023, this […]

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