“Who Is This Person?!”

Welcome to the trenches of yet another blogging stay at home mom! Still here? Fabulous!

For those of you brought to my site by the “To The Person Wanting To Buy A Bird” post, welcome! There is more to this space than the birds, so I hope you’ll stay and give it a chance! (and now back to your regularly scheduled intro)

My husband, two kids, two dogs and cat have moved to five states in as many years. Looks like the latest move to Washington is the last for what we all hope will be quite some time. This will be my little treasure trove of stories and thoughts on my adventures here in the beautiful North West with my son (9 and diagnosed with Dyspraxia and ADHD) and my very regular but extraordinary 5 year old daughter.

I am a native So Cal girl who had a previous life as an interpreter for the deaf before deciding on the asylum of motherhood as my latest career choice. I volunteer twice a week at a parrot sanctuary for surrendered Macaws, African Greys, and Amazons and I love doing this so much. Animals are my passion (both my kids, and the four-legged kind!)

I hope you enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to leave comments. I am horribly self-conscious and need constant reassurance!! Also, you can find tidbits of hilarity on twitter : @ssarcasmica



10 comments on ““Who Is This Person?!”

    • I WANT you to have emails from me!
      Hmmm. Can you change it from your ‘blogs i follow’ page? I think that’s where you access the emails.
      Let me know if that isnt it, i’ll look further into it (i.e. Spend more than 3 seconds attempting to fix it) 🙂


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