orig post 9/16/10

A Bit Guilty So now we adjust to life with two kids. Did i just say that? ! I have two kids? Yes.. and i did it on purpose, no less. Before the baby was born, i joked that i was looking forward to having one that was not yet talking (back) and would go […]

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From 9/15/10

Goodbye Modesty, Hello Baby! Here I sit after surviving my first tandem tantrum. Things are just as glamorous as ever. Swollen boobs, still in PJs, only half awake. This part I remember well. The whole TWO kids screaming and crying thing.. not so fun. So it finally happened! It’s a crazy common comment lots of […]

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from 9/7/10

Obladee Oblada Pregnancy Goes OOOOON I haven’t been inspired to write in a few days because … hmm .. let’s see… NOTHING’S CHANGED! I’m still pregnant. I’m hearing lots of consolation advice like, “she still needs to cook longer”  “have patience” BLAH BLAH BLAH Lemme ‘splain. It’s not that i’m being kookoo and am obsessed […]

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from 9/2/10

My Body Does WHAT?!?! So here i am, 37 weeks pregnant. I’ve never actually gone through the process of going into labor on my own. My first pregnancy resulted in an induction at 38 weeks. So it’s like i’ve never done this before, esentially. With my first pregnancy I watched any and all birthing shows […]

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orig post 9/1/’10

Daddy Dearest Holy Goodness. I wonder how many women have to monitor the relationship between their husbands and their sons. From the beginning I feel like i’ve been the referee. I had a conversation with a friend not too long ago and her take on resemblance was that on a basic biological level, she feels […]

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orig date 8/30/10

Needle Me This As if being pregnant at 36 weeks isn’t quite enough as far as poking and prodding – we get it from the outside AND the inside! – but to have a lab (QUEST) be completely unprofessional and just plain lame about taking your blood is inexcuseable ! I went in last week. […]

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