Medicine Cont.

The medicine struggle wages on. My kid has been coughing since October. This is no exaggeration, sadly. He had a cold, after the cold he got a cough. Common enough, right? Only it never stopped. We’ve been on an expedition to find the reason. Allergies, post nasal drip, developing a tick. I’ve medicated it all.. […]

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I decided to record this because there are few times I can point to a specific happening and declare, “That was a proud moment as a mom. I did something pretty damn cool.” I’ve already said we’ve all been living in a frustration bubble lately. Today, after my son freaks out over video games I […]

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Crushing It

There are certain topics that set my teeth on edge when it comes to my kids. Things that, for whatever reason, I am not comfortable discussing with them. Over their lives this list has somehow become shorter and longer. When my son was old enough to recognize his wiener and ask what it was, I […]

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So You Want To Be A SAHM?

First things first, you have to get with the SAHM acronym. (Stay At Home Mom) I was pitifully ill equipped for my transition. My transition was a sort of last minute forced “option”. I went to school to become …. a grownup. It was community college, and I had zero direction. After 8 years of […]

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2 Jocks and an Emo

Parenting the oldest is like skydiving without a parachute sometimes. Tonight my son came downstairs because: A. He didnt want to sleep B. He physically could not sleep C. He held out on a story too long and had to spill the beans D. He actually went right to sleep The answer… a&c. So it […]

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I’m staring down the barrel of 4th grade for my son, and pre-K for my daughter…. I have found a weird limbo lately and i’m not sure I like it. I am all too aware how fast my kids are growing. I cannot live *there*, though. Who can?! Who can live in the perpetual “This […]

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Mid Life Carsis

I think i’m having a mid life crisis… or ‘car’sis, as it were. Three years ago I went to the dark side. No, not the car lot – although it is a rather dark and scary place – the mini van driver’s seat. I have always thought of myself as an out-of-the-box type. I like […]

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How It’s Going

I wanted to record my son’s journey with the meds. Mostly because there is SUCH a stigma with it all. Like, debilitating. As a parent you always want what’s best for your child. Always. When you find out you have a kid who’s going to go through life with constant struggle and frustration for something […]

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The Whole Period Thing

The title says it all, if you have decided to read on, venture at your own peril. … and if you are that brave, please leave a comment! 🙂 Once a month, my bathroom door is locked. Once a month. okay, that might be a lie. At least once a month, it is guaranteed that […]

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