Halloween Hangover

Happy sugar hangover day everyone! I don’t know if it’s the post Halloween letdown, or the dark stormy weather – which I love – but my ass is     d    r   a  g   g  I   n     g    today. It could also be the work/travel schedule my husband […]

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I had both conferences this week for the kidlettes. Here’s a rough transcript (artistic license has been taken in respect to typing time and my level of tiredness) Kid 1 – Daughter: Teacher: She’s a delight! She is so energetic and happy and smart and engaging and a joy to have in my class. By […]

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Front Row

I have been sitting in the front row of the strangest, most frustrating, confusing and unjust scenario possible in a neighborhood. I have so many feelings about this that I can’t even process them all so naturally, I come here to open up my cranium and let my thoughts spill out willy nilly on the […]

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I Used To Be…

Patient. Kind-ish Reasonable Intelligent Logical Fun Calm Patient. Loving Calm None of these things are me by the end of the day anymore. I swear, in my head things go so differently. By the time the thought goes from my brain, across the kids’ laundry and toys, over their sassy heads and through their drama, […]

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Feelings About Ford

What a woman. I actually watched her testimony today. I didn’t rely on news outlets or the narrow-minded reactions of some of my family members posting on social media. I wanted to see it for myself. I’m so glad that I did. Let me just say I didn’t want to believe her. That’s easy, right? […]

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Grown Up.

I officially have an office now. A home office. I guess I’m a grown up now…? Really this is just going to become a sanctuary. A mommy den. A gal pit. A chick escape. A wife oasis. I’m gonna name it “Kid Toys Prohibited”. This means it will be filled with my own! I imagine […]

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Updates and Stuff

I haven’t written about my son specifically for a while. A couple years ago I had begun writing about the experience of medication and ADHD. My son has other things overlapping his ADHD so our family decided we would try medication. Let me just put out a disclaimer for the trolls out there: Every kid […]

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