Savage Generation

We’ve all had nothing but time on our hands for the last 7 months, so folks have been watching and re-watching some interesting stuff. As for myself, I’ve binged “The Good Place” and “The Office” (American Version) with my kids. (14 & 10) It’s been a lot of fun and something we all can do […]

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Thanks, Covid

I feel like I need to do a Covid positive post. Not Covid+, but a list of things to be thankful for and never would be unless ….. Covid. Every day I wake up and go to work .. in my house. I wear sweatpants below the desk almost daily. (this has, of course, resulted […]

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Older and Fatter

Today is my birthday. I am fatter, wiser and more gray. More gray than ever, actually. This has been a year of uncomfortable growth, personally and mentally! This year has kicked us all in the nards. I think there is a common experience here and it begins with about 15lbs. We have all had more […]

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Help Me, O Lord

My daughter is testing me. I am not going to pass this trial, baby Jesus. After the ear piercing fiasco, next up to shred my nerves is this hair. I do not understand the logic, Gods and Goddesses. I do not. Hair on your head, when not brushed, will knot. If Girl A does not […]

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Piercing Cries

My daughter has never been a fan of blood. It’s been a harrowing experience to loose teeth, fall down, get shots, not unlike a lot of kids I imagine. We have had all the talks about blood being important and not a scary thing. Nothing has ever worked. She turned 10 this week and had […]

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What The Dog?

I saw that my blog randomly had one user and 65 views, but no comments or ‘likes’ or anything… .which one of you kinky voyeurs is trying to be stealth? Back to your randomly scheduled read ….. When we moved to our current house, my daughter begged and begged for a  another hamster. She had […]

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The War On Girls

This country, boy I tell ya… we make it hard on our girls. I can’t speak to other countries’ culture surrounding beauty and acceptance because I’ve only lived here. I’ve only been a girl and a woman here, and I’ve only ever been Plus Size. My daughter has always been tall. Always. She was tall […]

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Life Fatigue

I wonder if adulting has always been this hard. I dont consider my own Adulting began until I was about 23/24. Totally typical 20’s stuff, then met The Guy, had dating drama, broke up twice and then lived together and got married. We have lived in 4 states, and those state-to-state moves with kids and […]

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The chaos of our culture at the moment is making me ill. I am constantly distracted by ignorance, and then when I do manage to focus on a task, I’m pulled away yet again trying to put words to my frustration … so here we are. For White People: Please read this. First take a […]

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Are We There YET?!?!!

how. much.   longerrrrrr-UH ?!! Covid Quarantine. I am beyond the quality time. I’m past it! We have gone from optimism, to the depths of Hell, and now we’ve come back to Kumbaya. I am SO. effing. BORED. I started to panic that I’ve been home too damned long when the grocery store trip was […]

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