Parenting In The Time of Discord

I think i’d almost prefer cholera…almost. The problem is that i’ve already established that there is no tech/chat/discord privacy in this house- for the teenager, obvi. For myself my friends know what to do in the untimely tragedy of my death. So because my kid knows I look through his phone, he is somewhat careful […]

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Much Too Much

I have had a case of the BLAHS lately. I’m not even really sure it’s from one or two specific things or reasons, it’s just a general mood now. I’ve never been good with change, and lately that’s kind of all there is. Ironically it’s a lot of change during a time when there is […]

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It’s Not About You

Parenting is hard. Right from the beginning it’s hard. You choose a name. Does it live up to your family’s expectations? Are there any drawbacks? Horrible nicknames? Offensive connotations? This is something that will be with them their entire life, but no pressure. It’s just the beginning of all of the choices you have to […]

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Just Accepting It

This kind of goes for everything right now. Covid. Getting Old. Parenting a Teenager. Chaos, Armageddon, TikTok insomnia. It’s all real. “Old” is relative, right? But like it’s not. I was living my life … well, Covid-style. So gaining weight and not exercising. Eating snacks and watching Netflix to stay sane … except I was […]

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Teen Warning

Parents, have a teen? Planning on having your child become a teenager? About to inherit a teenager? PLEASE accept this warning. Stock up on all the love and admiration now. Soak it in. Write it down. Tattoo it on your back. (backwards so you can read it to yourself in the mirror) You will need […]

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Teen Angst

My oldest is a teenager. The angst I write about is mine, not his. Right now it’s really hard being the parent of a teenager. He’s 14. He should be a freshman in high school performing with the marching band, practicing with his section, complaining about his smelly uniform. He should be anxious about the […]

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This is a hard one. Grief is a heart-wrenching, life changing feeling. It’s something that affects your life entirely. It changes you. It’s also something everyone experiences differently. People say Jealousy is the big green monster, but Grief is the biggest in my opinion because it never goes away. I have known my own grief […]

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Savage Generation

We’ve all had nothing but time on our hands for the last 7 months, so folks have been watching and re-watching some interesting stuff. As for myself, I’ve binged “The Good Place” and “The Office” (American Version) with my kids. (14 & 10) It’s been a lot of fun and something we all can do […]

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Thanks, Covid

I feel like I need to do a Covid positive post. Not Covid+, but a list of things to be thankful for and never would be unless ….. Covid. Every day I wake up and go to work .. in my house. I wear sweatpants below the desk almost daily. (this has, of course, resulted […]

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Older and Fatter

Today is my birthday. I am fatter, wiser and more gray. More gray than ever, actually. This has been a year of uncomfortable growth, personally and mentally! This year has kicked us all in the nards. I think there is a common experience here and it begins with about 15lbs. We have all had more […]

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