Are We There YET?!?!!

how. much.   longerrrrrr-UH ?!! Covid Quarantine. I am beyond the quality time. I’m past it! We have gone from optimism, to the depths of Hell, and now we’ve come back to Kumbaya. I am SO. effing. BORED. I started to panic that I’ve been home too damned long when the grocery store trip was […]

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Daily Metamorphosis

Wake up: I can do at LEAST five things I didn’t do yesterday. I am RESTED! Greet The Fam: Daughter begins day with adorable, bright beautiful face that is full of hope and excitement for the day. Her mouth opens …. and doesn’t rest for about fifteen minutes straight with exactly three breaths taken in […]

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I just read a post trying to encourage families to come together in a positive way right now by keeping a Family Journal. BAAAAHAHAHAHA This would be ours: Day 3: Mom: School from home? HA!! Suck an egg, it ain’t happenin’. I’m keeping my babies close and happy and well adjusted, tyvm. Dad: People are […]

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New Normal…?

This is beginning to feel bottomless. Endless. Hard not to panic with how much more time we’ll be home …. with our families. I love my family. Promise. I do. I even like some of them. But this is pushing my limits as an independent, happy-to-fly-solo for things kinda gal. I go to movies alone. […]

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Selfish and Losing It

I’ve been accused many times of being selfish. To an extent it’s true. Lately I have been feeling torn between overwhelming stress and anxiety and wanting to “self care” and instantly feeling like doing so means i’m being selfish. The management/mismanagement of my kids’ distance learning is really high on my To Stress List. I […]

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The Bird Is The Word

Not sure how birds became a big part of my life, but here we are. I have two of my own after spending nearly 3 years volunteering at a giant Parrot Sanctuary. I never brought home one of the big guys, but I did end up rescuing two cockatiels. As all of our lives have […]

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Covid Blues

As of my last post I started keeping track of the weeks of this pandemic lock down quarantine social distancing “Norm” we have now. Spoiler: I’ve lost track where we’re at. Day Twelveteen or week thirty fifteen, I have no effing clue. We’re still home. That’s all I’ve got. It’s Spring, does that help? There […]

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Welcome to The Change

As in the World Change, not the menopausal change. I keep hearing how keeping a diary or journal of this snippet of time is a big deal. Lots of people are either doing it, or forcing, requiring, bribing, convincing their kids to do it … so now I’m going to do it, but mine will […]

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Music and Memories

Growing up in Southern California for me was all about music, the beach, and a Volkswagen. My best friend was 2 years older than me. She did everything first. Since I had 2 older brothers who barely acknowledged my existence, this was my person. She had music and a car. I learned most of my […]

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My daughter came home from school a few weeks back talking about how a boy called her fat. He wanted to prove his strength to the class and claimed, “I’m so strong I can pick up this whole class…well, except for (G) because she’s fat.” Naturally, it crushed her. She’s 9. 3rd grade. The wild […]

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