Working To Relax

I found myself with a week alone and an empty credit card before school/work starts, so I decided to take myself on a solo trip! This is out of my comfort zone, but I needed some recuperation from the stress of this particular summer. I found a great deal on a spa getaway so I […]

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August Panic

I have to write a new post just so I am not tempted to go back and re-read the last one. It’s been three days and the sight of my lost Barney brings all the tears right back. So I’m switching the channel for myself. It’s roughly mid-August right now. Our schools go back September […]

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The sad part

Let me tell you the story of Barney Rubble, my corgi mix rescue. Roughly thirteen years ago my little family went looking for a rescue at the local pet store. Out front was a gaggle of dogs in pens waiting to be adopted. In one pen was a long dark mix that would stand on […]

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It has been a rough few weeks trying to grow whole, kind, thoughtful, decent human beings who make good choices because it’s the right choice, not just because someone told them to. And I’m doing it at my emotional lowest. I have so little right now in terms of effort, energy, or motivation. My youngest […]

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Take Up Space

I have been issued a challenge by my therapist: “Take Up Space. Literally, take up more space.” I feel I am not alone in being a forty-something mom, wife (though separated at the moment), professional, who considers a billion factors before getting around to prioritizing something for myself. I grew up being alone a lot […]

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Ok. Feeling helpless, and I detest feeling helpless. While the genius women of color, lawyers, congresswomen, indigenous women and boomers who have all had to fight for equality before now take the lead and march us into a current decade, I have to do something. Here are some ideas… some might be terrible, but hey, […]

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Like most sane women in the United States right now, I am angry. I am angry that once again we have rights over our own body taken away. I have seen so many videos and attempts by women, and some men, to talk about what it means to take away a woman’s right to carry […]

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Tough Girl

I am a tough girl. I will not apologize for it, and I’m not sorry. Girls and women are generally supposed to be demure, permissive, delicate, charming, quirky is sometimes ok, but only if you aren’t loud about it. Funny, but not at the expense of others. Whatever you do, don’t be offensive. Girls are […]

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Just Another Positive

Tested positive for Covid today. *horror music plays* I document most other events, why not this too? So I started feeling crummy Monday morning. I tested negative but stayed home for 3 days because I was achy and dizzy and had a horrible sore throat. Breathing through my nose just fine, but congestion was way […]

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Non-binary. What? What the hell is that? What is wrong with kids these days? Can’t they just pick a gender? Why do they have to make everything so complicated?! If it was my kid … So it is. It is my kid. Now what? This isn’t a place you expect to be. I never thought […]

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