August Mom In Full Swing

It is August, y’all. The origin of the very term: August Mom. I’m getting by. I’m getting through. “But are you ENJOYING your children???? You will MISS this time very soon, you know. I wish I could have this time back with MY children.” Oh yea? Then take mine. Go ahead, I dare you. Four […]

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Holy Shit

So. much. information. I feel like stay at home moms get a bad rap for mental abilities. Let’s face it, kids dull your pre-kid brain, but fully awaken brain power you never thought you would need. Example: how many theme show songs must one know? When your toddler is singing one, it becomes immediately apparent […]

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Wardrobe Woes

I have not worked in ten years. I will soon be attending a workshop for my field in the hopes it will kick start my unused vocabulary and signs. Languages are funny. It turns out if you don’t exercise the vocabulary, it simply goes away and moves into the brain of someone who appreciates it […]

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Summer Brain

It has begun. Summer home with my kiddies. We are in the honeymoon stage now…honeymoon of a doomed relationship, that is. It feels like it’s going according to plan, but it isn’t. I have established rules, but I’m too brain dead to enforce them. The first 2 weeks of break the kids got up (AFTER […]

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Dipping Back In The Work Pool

I had a life before kids, like most folks. Through a series of frantic, chaotic, not always in my control events, I stopped work to be a stay at home mom and traveling wife. I loved working as much as a non-millionaire employee could love work. I loved my co-workers. I loved the challenge my […]

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This is gonna be a long one. It’s going to be rambly, too. So here we are. My son graduated from elementary school last night. WE graduated from elementary school last night. Yesterday was his celebration, today is mine. That’s right, I am celebrating all the shit that goes along with being a stay at […]

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Another candle

My oldest is a year older. He’s 12! I’m also going to be bold and say he’s a momma’s boy. That’s right! I earned that, people. Blood, sweat, tears and many gray hairs have nurtured that boy this far. Kids are hard work. Some kids are fucking overtime with no pay. This child was damn […]

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