Out Of Nowhere Talks

My daughter got out of the shower last night and started asking me if I remember the part in “Shazam!” when the boy gets left by his mother. (and ends up in foster care) I told her I did and she started crying and saying how sad it was that his mother actually left him. […]

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The First One

I often write about the exasperation of parenthood. The frustrations of being a stay at home mom. The challenges I’ve had with raising a not-so-average learner kid. This time I’m writing the mushy stuff. I looked at this photograph I took as a test on a device. Nothing posed or purpose filled. Just a snapshot. […]

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I’ve always had a love/hate thing with nostalgia. It’s easy to reminisce and get lost in the past sometimes. It can be freeing. All the people I love are there. My dad, my childhood friend, and now my first band crush. The past is where all those people still laugh and smile and hug. I […]

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