At What Point?

At what point to I begin to change things? Hopefully this is it. Small changes, right? My last Costco run included a fat bunch of bananas – which I am allergic to – a big box of plums and a flat of pears. I actually have reached for fruit the past few days when i’ve […]

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So Old

I am so old! I found a non-matching eyebrow hair yesterday while plucking. It was significantly lighter than the others, and until now I have been telling myself it was just a pet hair….stuck down into my skin…. in perfect alignment with the other abundant brow bush dwellers. The clincher was today, though. I remember […]

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Random Weekend Quotes

I’ve been telling my husband for weeks that my hair is turning grey at a crazy rapid rate. He’s been scoffing and brushing me off like i’m fishing for a compliment. In reality, i’m just aghast at how much grey hair I have and i need a witness. So today we are walking through a […]

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I love you BUT These are totally first world problems, i know. But still. So my husband gets to is forced to travel for work pretty often. It really isn’t too big of a deal, but it’s for 2 weeks at a time usually… and when you factor in the zombie period when he’s first […]

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