I’ve written stupidly about my dental woes in the past. It’s unexciting to say the least. It’s also not really all that relatable, i’m sure. Who has 7 baby teeth as an adult? Lots of people might retain a couple, but seven?! Anyway, yesterday was my maiden voyage into Nitris Land. I’ve never had laughing […]

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Vanity Shmanity

I have never thought of myself as a vain person. I’m not completely careless with how I look, either, but it doesn’t determine my schedule or routine. I have gone out in public numerous times without makeup. I am a big fan of hair clips and pony tail holders because besides a quick blowdry flip […]

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In Search Of

A new husband. He must be a dentist or orthodontist. My husband is aware I must leave him for a new man. He is more than on board, considering. We cannot afford my mouth any longer. I woke up about a week ago with an excruciating pain in my face. Almost like my jaw was […]

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