Geriatric School

I had the bright idea 2 months ago to go back to school and get my AA and then a teaching degree. Have I had a stroke? No. Not that I know of. I’m just a glutton for doing things the hard way. 45 and paying someone to teach me math. Math that I failed […]

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Break Free!

Dear Teachers of My Little Angels, I tried. I really did, I swear. I tried really hard to prepare them for going back to school today. I even began prep last night. 7:45 Tuck everyone in. Everyone was bathed, storied, brushed, loved, and hugged. 7:49 Girl child comes downstairs claiming headache and inability to fall […]

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School EVE!!!

Okay okay, I know i’m supposed to be giddy with excitement that my kid’s all day drama is now the teacher’s to deal with, and I am. I’m overjoyed. I’m ecstatic that we’ve made it through another summer and into yet another school year. Schedules, tasks, work, lunches, laundry, filled days, practices and due dates. […]

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The Purge

As a parent, I’ve lost my right to have “stuff”. Scratch that. As a mother I’ve lost my right to collect and keep “stuff”. My husband has made a side job out of it. Ever since we lived in our first house together, the garage was 98% his crap stuff. Game stuff, paperwork from decades […]

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Bad Writer

I figure it’s better to have fewer posts than many posts that are babbling on and on about nothing in particular. So, summer. We are in the trenches of summer here. I’ve managed to keep sanity until about two hours ago. I am so in need of school to begin now. Like, now. Some people […]

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On the 8th Day…

God created 3rd grade. WE MADE IT!!!!!! We survived a whole summer home without summer school or vacation or distraction but for one glorious early summer week of YMCA camp. My son has celebrated the impending arrival of the first day of school by having a giant fit one day of the past two weekends. […]

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Well, one week and a day, but who’s counting? The school year is so close, I can smell the sharpened pencils and stale forgotten lunch leftovers. I’m having a panicky feeling like I have to suddenly cram some family time in this week. We need to go to Great Wolf Lodge and do a day […]