Camping Tried To Kill Us

But we prevailed!! My husband and I recently bumped our heads. It must have happened in our sleep, I’m thinking a giant 2×4 fell across the bed and we never noticed because we went and got a travel trailer. I keep calling it an RV because it’s just easier. When I say the word “RV” […]

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No Canoe For You!

We did it. Second camping trip of the summer. WOOOOT! The first trip was a site four hours away beside the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing. It was beautiful, buggy, hot, dirty and rainy. (one of the mornings) Trip #2 was beside a lake, Deep Lake to be exact. It was very cool. We had […]

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I’ve finally done it. I made a reservation for our family to go a’campin’. In other words, we are about to spend a whole lotta money to be homeless for a weekend. Maybe the kids will appreciate all the plug in devices after this trip?…… yea right. I just need to go find a beekeepers […]

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Great Ideas

I had a great idea on Wednesday; “Let’s Camp Out” Turns out REI lets you rent a tent! For only $30 you can have the amazing, rewarding, surprising, frustrating and exhausting experience of camping out in your own backyard with your own family. I now see why there have been no advertisements for this wondrous […]

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