Reality Check

I had the fat momma reality check today. In case you’ve never ever read my stories or have no idea who I am here’s a factoid tidbit for you. I’m big. Not like “oh, you put on some weight after the kids, it’s ok”, but like, “Damn! Did you play for the Raiders?!” Big. Being […]

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I have fallen so far off the wagon, it is not even funny. Not even remotely. Have you ever seen an item of your own clothing lying somewhere – on the bed, on the floor, from the rafters – and thought “There is NO WAY that thing is mine. That cannot POSSIBLY fit me. It’s […]

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Alright, Goddamnit!

Alright already! I get it!! I can’t just keep on living life from the couch, eating Costco Pub Mix and throwing scraps to my kids once in a while. I gotta dust off my shoes, find my feet and get movin’. So i did. After i was put on blood pressure medication. Hello. My name […]

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