Plans and Paint

Current project: Figure out a design for the new house. Current status: Clueless I have done the unimaginable and hired a designer. I need help. I, apparently, am easily overwhelmed. Funny how this happens more and more the older you get. I guess my cup o’ shit is running close to full a lot because […]

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Souls and Feelings

I work really hard at being a hard-ass. I try not to have too many feelings, it gets in the way of things. … like pessimism. I have feelings and emotion about very certain areas like my children. This runs the gamut of wonder (really? you can’t flush the toilet after six years of being […]

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Say Goodnight

I have a hard time going to bed. It’s not because i’m not tired. I’m exhausted and in ‘pajamas’ by 8pm. (If that’s wrong, I do not want to be right) It’s the quiet. I want to soak it in. Inhale it. Taste it. Savor it. I love my kids, blah blah blah, and that […]

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