Crashing Doors

A few weeks ago I wrote about ‘Sliding Doors’ and narrowly missing a terrible car accident when someone ran a red light through an intersection right in front of me. Apparently some cosmic force felt cheated because Friday evening I was in a car accident with both of my kids. Everyone is ok, thank God. […]

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Sooooo… We did it!    My husband toiled and troubled at a dealership for an entire day to make this happen. He began at 10 am and we all left together in our 4×4 at 9:30pm. Craaazay. It was a strange manic day driving down to meet him with the kids and look at our […]

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Mid Life Carsis

I think i’m having a mid life crisis… or ‘car’sis, as it were. Three years ago I went to the dark side. No, not the car lot – although it is a rather dark and scary place – the mini van driver’s seat. I have always thought of myself as an out-of-the-box type. I like […]

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