Kid Quotes

I was explaining to my son what he got his dad for father’s day.. here’s the conversation: “…and also a jar of really hot hot sauce.” kid: “Why does dad like hot sauce so much?” me: “I have no idea, he just does. He likes hot things.” kid: “Yea, like you.” …awkward pause followed by […]

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What the Kid Says

“What does the kid say?” “No no no nonononono nonon no no no nO NO thank you.”  (a la “What Does the Fox Say?”) We’ve had three quotes so far this week: #1 Splashing and sitting and carefully standing in the cooled off jacuzzi last week, my daughter says, “My butt is water proof!” To […]

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Random Weekend Quotes

I’ve been telling my husband for weeks that my hair is turning grey at a crazy rapid rate. He’s been scoffing and brushing me off like i’m fishing for a compliment. In reality, i’m just aghast at how much grey hair I have and i need a witness. So today we are walking through a […]

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