Flip Flops

If there’s one guarantee of parenthood, it’s that things will change. Normally, when you’ve gotten a manageable hold on one of their phases, that’s when their little brains seemingly say, “oh yea?? You think you know what you’re doing? How ’bout …… NOW?!” And just like that, you find your normally difficult argumentative independent seven […]

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Narcoleptic Threes

The stage my daughter is in now – the Narcoleptic Threes. She/We are phasing out her naps (God help me) and it means a series of things: 1. She can be really happy or really pissy at any given moment of the day 2. I can plan things in the afternoons now…. but not really, […]

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So we are in the midst of trying to buy a house right now. The whole process is overwhelming and terrifying for me. It’s a commitment. A monumental commitment to hand over a whole lot of money every month, just to then turn around and put the rest into the care of the same house. […]

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