Skittles and Kleenex

Today’s meeting went something like this: Leader to our morning group of about 35 people: “So what prevented you from reaching your goals this week?” Me: “Skittles.” chuckles Leader: “So you had a goal to make it through the Superbowl …” Me:  tearing up … trying not to let it out of my eyeballs … […]

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Week One Success!

I did it! I managed to lose 2.6lbs 😄 I’m going to forego all the rationalization about being the first week and water retention, blah blah blah and just totally own it. I lost it. Not my husband or my kid or my mom. Me. And I’m gonna do it again! What worked this week: […]

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Alright, Goddamnit!

Alright already! I get it!! I can’t just keep on living life from the couch, eating Costco Pub Mix and throwing scraps to my kids once in a while. I gotta dust off my shoes, find my feet and get movin’. So i did. After i was put on blood pressure medication. Hello. My name […]

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