Plans and Paint

Current project: Figure out a design for the new house. Current status: Clueless I have done the unimaginable and hired a designer. I need help. I, apparently, am easily overwhelmed. Funny how this happens more and more the older you get. I guess my cup o’ shit is running close to full a lot because […]

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Done Deal

Ok, so we decided to sell our house. This has been an endeavor, to say the least. It’s been a massive process and we haven’t even sold yet! I’ve had many reactions thrown at me that I have to process in addition to the stress of just buying a home and selling ours. There are […]

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Decisions Decisions

Being a grown up is hard. Throwing kids into the mix is even harder.  You cant just make a decision, you have to beat every possible outcome into the ground. We have been looking at the possibility of moving. Currently we have a wonderful traditional house. There’s a massive blacktop driveway, there’s a huge grassy […]

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New ‘hood

We are in the new place now and things are going great. Despite still living around boxes, everyone has adjusted fabulously. During our first move day, a few neighbors came over to introduce themselves, and I had an inkling of panic that i’d screw up the whole first impression thing -apparently there’s only one first […]

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A few thoughts on moving

Damn. Looks like someone forgot to grab the Weight Watchers scale. Maybe i’ll pick it up after stopping for Mexican food. Hmm.. I think there’s a holiday coming up. Oh yea! Christmas. No need to purchase gift boxes or bags this year. Gonna wrap gifts in packing paper and box them with Home Depot moving […]

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Moving Day

I hear people say things after moving like; “I managed to unpack all my boxes over the weekend! I’m all done unpacking!” and I imagine they moved with one box and one suitcase. Or they accomplished it because they live alone. That must be it! I have found a whole new area of inadequacy in […]

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