Being Needed

My big kid is 11. Admittedly, he could be considered a momma’s boy. I’m ok with that. The oldest is the guinea pig, and they teach us the most about parenting…usually the parts you don’t like very much. The oldest has the biggest expectations in front of them, and also the most frustration and somehow […]

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The In Between

Here’s the thing. People sometimes suck. They might not mean to, but we all do it. Yes, dear reader, sometimes even I fail to follow my own life motto of “don’t judge” and invariably suck once in a great while. Today was not that day, however. Today it was someone else. Let me tell you […]

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This is why i’m a lunatic. This, dear husband, is a short list of all the reasons after bedtime I am too checked out to even consider the horizontal mambo or the bedtime tango. The highs and lows of just one day: Woke up, got the 3rd grader up. 4 year old is on the […]

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Mom School

This entry is more for my own reference. Something I can go back and review in a concise place. There will (hopefully) be more in the next couple of weeks, but here’s the first. I’m taking a positive parenting class right now. I roped a friend into going with me, which was especially great for […]

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My nerves should be shot. The way the day has gone, I’m not sure why I’m not face down in a margarita by now, but i’m good. Yay me. This is either a sign that i’ve grown up a little as a parent, or i’ve completely given over to the chaos and it just doesn’t […]

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Hiking..a Journey

I woke up bright and early today My toddler woke me up bright and early today. She was ready.. i have no idea what for, but she was Ready. Having survived a difficult bickering fight for my sanity the day before, i needed an excursion for my little darlings. Something that would last most of […]

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Promised Land

I’d had this conversation repeatedly with fellow mothers along the road of parenthood. “What is the best age?” It’s usually asked by someone with deep dark caverns under their eyes, zero make-up, stained slept-in clothes, and a pacifier or bottle nipple hanging out the side of their mouth. I’ve been there. I remember it well. […]

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