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Overspending Is In The Air

Published December 1, 2017 by sarcasmica

It’s that time of year again! Rejoice! For unto the earth a credit limit is reached. Mom guilt, peer expectations, and childhood emotional baggage all crammed into one joyous day month.

It seems it’s been 17 days since my last post. It’s taken nearly this long to recover from the loose tooth drama. We have a magnificent, fantastic angel of a dentist for my daughter. They managed to squeeze us in first thing in the morning on Thanksgiving eve eve. My daughter was LIVID that I had made the appointment. Nobody really cared how mad she was, though. We all just wanted to get to Thanksgiving intact, ears/hearing at 100%, and all actually liking each other.

The dentist numbed my kid’s face, cleaned the 1/4 of her mouth she had been neglecting to touch with her toothbrush, and barely breathed onto her mouth when POP! The offending dangler popped right out. Next she told my daughter, “Let me have your hand so you can feel how clean your tooth – WHOA! You pulled it right out! Look at that!” and hysteria-type giggles came from my child’s nitris masked face.

We all breathed a sigh of relief. The grand finale was the doc telling me she wont go through any more loose teeth until around 9 years old. WOOO HOO!!!!! SURELY she will be beyond the paranoid hysterics by then, right?!! We wont even fathom understanding the hormones that will be trickling into her body by that time.

Thanksgiving conquered, now we move toward Christmas. Oh holy night. My kids have been circling toy catalogs and amazon dreaming since November 24th. When my sis in-law asked what the kids put on their Christmas list, it occurred to me to actually dig the catalogs out of the trash and take a look. What a concept! The short answer of what they circled is just “everything”.

I cannot blame them. They are kids! Every Christmas we tend to go all out. I wont apologize for it, but it is a spectacle. It’s also setting everyone up for eventual disappointment. See, I grew up without much money. Christmas was humble in our house, to say the least. It was happy, it was fun, it was normal for me. This crap i’ve grown into is a bit alien. It’s fun because we know it wont last. Each Christmas for the past 2 or 3 i’ve reminded my husband it might be the last our son still believes in Santa.

Sure enough, we had the talk this summer after his on and off asking about the truth. (pretty sure there’s a blog post about it somewhere) So now this year it’s just my daughter drinking the kool aid eggnog. My son has managed not to spill the beans holly about Santa yet. I’m proud of him for that. The amount of winking he’s done lately is enough to drive me batty, though. “Mom, tell SAAAANTAAAAA *wink wink* I want this one.” Now that I think about it, if my daughter doesn’t pick up on this I might worry about her IQ.

Anyway, so we are in a new neighborhood this year. Halloween rocked, and it looks like twice as many people have decorated for Christmas. Who knows, I might start chugging the kool aid and bake something to give away!

Hahahahaaaaa. Yea right. I’ll hand out little travel bottles of liquor. I bet people would actually consume those.


Ho Ho Ho

Published December 22, 2013 by sarcasmica

It’s the season -and grade – of Santa. My 2nd grader has been asking me if Santa is real. His friends at school don’t believe anymore.
Second. Grade.
So sad
Anyway, I obviously told him he is absolutely real. Then he asks, “yea, but the ones at the malls taking pictures aren’t real, right? They dont have real beards.”
I concede, “Right, those are his helpers. But you know what? You never know where Santa will show up. If I were Santa, I would sneak in and do the pictures in random places. That way, a kid could be meeting the real Santa and get an actual picture with him and never know it.”
He liked that idea a lot. It was a magical parenting moment. One of those times the planets align, and the stuff your saying off the top of your head actually makes sense and works.
So today was the day we all get set to go meet & get a photo with local santa. On the way down, I told the kids to think about what they are going to ask Santa for. My son immediately says, “Mom, I dont need anything. I have a good family, and that’s all I need. … I mean, I would like some toys, but I dont NEED anything.”
I was shocked, needless to say.
I told him how surprised and proud I was of him and that answer.
He looked pretty pleased.
So we drive down, find parking, and i’m rushing to get to the Santa hut before the crowds. I’m surprised we are second in line! We prep and primp, walk into the little Santa hut and we see Him! I grab my son and gasp, “Do you see his beard?! It’s rrrrrrreal! I think you got the real Santa!”
There was no settling him after that. He was beside himself. He was so convinced, he told me the candy cane Santa gave him even looked different. It tasted different too, evidentally. After eating the whole thing he whispers to me, “mom! i feel stronger now!”
as we were going to the car:
“Mom, we so totally got our picture with the real Santa, huh?”
2 hours later: “Mom! we like totally met the real one, right?!”
And on the way back from shopping & Santa, my son tells his sister, “Gemma, you should have told Santa you didnt want anything because you have a great family and thats all anyone needs… and then he’ll bring you a TON of presents!!”
bells went off in my head.
“Do you believe thats true, or are you saying it to get more gifts?”
“For the gifts.”

Just when you think you’ve gotten through way down deep to the good stuff, BAM! Reality hits you right between the bells.

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