The Old Watcher of the Weight

Yup, that’s me. I’ve been going to meetings since last October. Four months. Know what i’ve managed to lose? ten pounds. That’s it. Actually, i’ve lost nearly 15, but i’ve been slowly adding pounds for the last three weeks. I’ve been limping into my meetings knowing full well that I haven’t tracked, monitored, activitied, or […]

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Not In The Plan, Man

I just survived a week at home with both children. The husband was out of town for 4 of those days. We did fun stuff, we played, we spent, we adventured, we managed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well everyone got along. (She said safely from the light at the end of the tunnel) […]

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Ice Queens & Tuberculosis

I took my daughter to a birthday party today. (Saturday) *mic drop* Just kidding *picks mic up elegantly* It was a Princess party. Our first. All the kids had the option of arriving in their own princess dresses. Oddly, I saw no boys from my daughter’s predominantly boy class there. I guess they don’t appreciate […]

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Sick n’ Snotty

Dear Usually Very Healthy Child, If you sneeze into my face one more time, i’m going to put red pepper in your chicken soup! Ok, not really. But i’m tempted. Also, pulling out one tissue to wipe the one little clear snot bubble dripping out of your nostril does not kill the entire tissue. You […]

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Not the Diva

For many reasons, this is true. My son is home from school today. He had an earache last night and a cough all week. Tomorrow is PJ/popcorn/stuffed animal party day. He can’t miss that, so i kept him home to try and get better. We have our priorities here in the Sarcasmica household. Actually, the […]

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