Recently i have figured out I have a terrible condition. It is not contagious, but it is isolating. It’s hard to contain and even harder – it seems – to manage. There is a cure, but it takes time and luck. I have discovered since the recent move that i have diarrhea of the mouth. […]

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Rocket Science

I was caught up in an article tonight. The picture used was a young girl crying and her parents arguing in the background. To further tug at your momma heartstrings, one parent was holding a baby. The title was something to the effect of Surprising Study Finds Yelling at Your Kids Does Longterm Damage. (i […]

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Ever have one of those days? I’m having one. It’s like three days wrapped into one big rollercoaster. I met a woman today who is a widow and i felt the need to try extra hard when i got home… after the toddler’s nap. My son has been talking about planting a garden and i […]

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