Bad Writer

I figure it’s better to have fewer posts than many posts that are babbling on and on about nothing in particular. So, summer. We are in the trenches of summer here. I’ve managed to keep sanity until about two hours ago. I am so in need of school to begin now. Like, now. Some people […]

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Tents and Tantrums

We did it! Family camping trip #1, conquered 🙂 I’m happy to say there are not even any crazy stories to relay. My life is splendidly boring right now! Well … as far as a blog goes, it’s boring. There are far more interesting conflicts one should not write publicly about for fear said written […]

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Thanks, Teach

This summer I’m going to be positive. I’m going into it with high hopes for lots of family bonding time with a backdrop of rainbows and dew covered roses. You know whyyyyyy? Because summer means no homework. No paperwork forgotten in backpacks and then forgotten to turn in. No permission slips or book reports. But […]

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Oasis in the Summer

If Target had a theme song, that would be considered The Song of My People. But they don’t, sadly I was just inside the store with kids both sardine-ed into the cart when my oldest brother called me to talk about some family matters. I’m going through the aisles to pick up my various necessities-that-are-somehow-only-necessities-inside-these-doors, […]

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